Wild Kumaon Sattal

Forested Premises, Great location and Experienced team of Naturalist welcomes you to Sattal. Enjoy the hospitality of Wild Kumaon with well researched and excellently designed Birding and Nature tours.

meet our experienced birding tour leaders


Neer has travelled extensively all over Uttarakhand and Western Himalayas, leading tours to numerous places from Terai regions to higher altitudes in Uttarakhand. Having seen over 700 species in the Uttarakhand Province itself.

Neer has grown up with a lifelong interest in wildlife, which evolved into a particular fascination with birds. Raised in Mountains, Neer started Birding as a hobby which later converted into his Bird Guiding skill later. With 7 years of experience in Sattal and Uttarakhand Birding and Guiding, he is always prepared to provide the best sightings in the field. Spending time with the guest and exploring their passion through the conversation is his favourite. 

Neer (a.k.a Neerdiv Bankoti) is equally experienced in the village and cultural tours in Uttarakhand, in these Himalayas to travel for culture and Spiritual, he finds his passion growing. Today he is also connected to Sattal Conservation Club and working in Uttarakhand towards Sustainable accommodations and Eco-Tourism.  



Prince is a young Enthusiast who grew up in Sattal, where, from a very young age, he gained a strong appreciation for all things wild. His weekends were spent wandering through the Mountains between these lake towns always in hot pursuit of the next lifer, or otherwise trying to persuade his friends to join him on more distant visits further afield…
Prince childhood passion for birds ignited a spark that led him to pursue a Guiding career.

Gradually he got himself into the circle of more birders and professionals from which he learned more and today providing same to other birders. 

As one of his greatest pleasures in life is sharing his passion and knowledge of birds with anyone who is willing to listen, it seemed almost natural that Prince has progressed into bird guiding.